Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation


Both psychologically and physically, the human being has a sensitive structure and naturally these two characteristics affect each other.

Factors such as genetics, hormones or aging are things that can cause changes in our body. Among these factors, hair loss stands out as a factor that physically affects our body. Although it is a challenge mainly for men, there are also women who suffer from alopecia. And the question is, how can this problem be solved?

For a person who has alopecia, the only definitive and natural solution is to have a hair transplant, as the follicles to be implanted are from the person himself, the end result will be natural, and the new hair will never fall out, because the donor area has the follicles that are genetically coded not to fall out, in the end when the patient looks in the mirror, he will see a person who has never had alopecia.


The FUE technique (Extraction of follicular units) is one of the most frequent, modern and successful techniques applied today, unlike previous techniques, it does not cause any scar in the operated area.

In this method, the follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area of the patient through a micro-motor. These extracted follicles must be preserved in a solution in the petri dishes and must be kept cold.

Next, channels are opened, they are micro-holes to insert the follicles, and the number of the channels is the same as that of the extracted follicles. In this phase it is recommended to use the “Sapphire” tip. After opening the channels, the follicles are inserted one by one.The whole process takes about 6 hours in total.

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